Commercial Buildings

To control your risk, you need to look beneath the surface of your building investments, evaluate the property and develop a plan to protect your assets. Our trained professionals employ a broad spectrum of commercial and multi-family inspection experience. Because our inspectors live in the cities we serve, you won’t find better responsiveness or market insight. No surprises, no guesswork, just experience working to protect your investment.

Property Condition Assessments
A comprehensive inspection for small to mid-sized commercial properties, multi-family units, warehouses, and retail outlets.

Reserve Studies
A thorough site examination and detailed report which identifies the useful life and cost estimates of major common area expenditures — used by condominiums, homeowners’ association, office parks, churches, and apartment complexes.

An examination of a specific component or system which requires special assessment by a qualified expert – such as engineering consults for design, foundations, roofs, or structure