Welcome to Wims Management Consulting Services, LLC

The mission of WMCS, LLC is to provide business services to complement the evaluation and accountability of residential and commercial properties and the neighborhoods they represent.  In this environment, the process of property accountability and valuation is totally important for taxes and maintaining value for the assessment of risk.  The risk assessment is to establish and complement the established marketing trends for valuation of properties and to verify the valuation is accurate.  Our primary function is to evaluate properties for compliance to current codes and compliance with stated contract issues.  Also, we consider the stage of the building life cycle ranging from new to old age of the property and what changes will enhance its functionality and preservation.

As evaluators, the functions of our professional home inspectors are to verify the standards of compliance and present the substantiating data in a formal environment that the readers can understand.  The level of professionalism is based on state licensing, education and professional societies that demand continuous education to maintain a high skill level.   At WMCS we are an organization of professional building analyst providing services to our community.   Our overall approach is to provide services for residential markets, insurance markets, banks, contractors and real estate brokers.  Our services include Certified Home Inspectors, 203k Consultants, Energy Auditors, building diagnostic testing, renovation estimating specialists and environmental testing for indoor air quality.

We provide information and seminars to improve the knowledge levels of homeowners, real estate and mortgage companies on the various approaches to meet the needs of the customers.   You are our day to day business of building team responses to meet acquisitions and repair demands. Our goals include training the homeowner in proper stewardship of owning properties and how to utilize energy conservation. We also provide instructions on making informed energy efficiency decisions.